Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wave of Kanagawa

The second graders learned about the artist Hokusai, and looked at the painting of the Wave of Kanagawa. I wanted students to see the different uses crayons have, so they used crayons by pressing hard, lightly, and blending. They also learned to curve lines to create a movement in the waves.

Artist: Hokusai
Elements: Line, Shape, Space
Concepts: Different crayon uses, line to show movement, warm colors
Materials: Pencil, tag board, blue and brown sharpie marker, crayons

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Perspective Pumpkin Patch

Second grade students are becoming experts in perspective in these past couple of lessons. Students reviewed their overlapping technique to create a pumpkin patch, and then painted them using watercolors.

Artist: n/a
Elements: Line, Shape, Space
Concepts: Overlapping, Size, Depth
Materials: Watercolor paper, sharpie marker, watercolors

Monday, October 31, 2016

Abstract Haunted Houses

1st grade made haunted houses to celebrate the Halloween season! They learned the difference between realistic and abstract art and practices using curved lines to create a whimsical design.

Artist: n/a
Elements: Line, Shape
Concepts: Abstract, adding details, curved and wavy lines.
Materials: black construction paper, construction paper crayons

Happy Pumpkin Collage

Kindergarteners learned how to paint a pumpkin using warm colors. The next class, they cut out their paintings and added a stem and a face. After gluing on their teeth, students used construction paper crayons to decorate.

Artist: n/a
Elements: Line, Shape, Color
Concepts: Drawing large, collage, cutting
Materials: large dark blue paper, black and white paper, green paper, tempera paint, construction paper crayons, glue, scissors

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fire Safety Poster Contest

This October, students participated in a Fire Safety poster contest. I had to send them all in to the judges, and made sure to take pictures of my favorites since I knew I wouldn't be getting them back. The students were only allowed to use four colors. Here's what they came up with!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Ripped Paper Trees with Painted Sky

Kindergarten learned about the autumn season by working on some autumn trees. They began by painting the background, starting with the sky, then grass, then using a paper towel to sponge on some clouds. The next class, they put together a tree by using small, medium, and large brown rectangles. They drew lines to create texture. Then, they ripped pieces of warm colored paper to glue on leaves!

Artist: n/a
Elements: Line, Color, Space, Texture
Concepts: Collage, Painting, Size
Materials: large tag board, tempera paint, crumpled paper towel, construction paper, scissors, glue