Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rothko Chalk Drawings

Students learned about Rothko today. I showed images of his paintings and asked how they made them feel. Each student chose a feeling, and used colors to show that feeling. I was surprised how well they understood, and was very impressed by the results!

Artist: Rothko
Elements: Shape, Color
Concepts: Color and Emotions
Materials: Construction Paper, Colored Chalk



Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pinch Pot Fish

2nd grade made these adorable pinch pot fish! I showed them how to make a pinch pot, and then they learned how to score and slip to add eyes, fins, and a tail.

Artist: n/a
Elements: Shape, Color, Texture
Concepts: Pinch Pot, Score and Slip, Warm Colors
Materials: Air dry clay, acrylic paints

Here they are after drying. A lot of pieces fell off because the scoring and slipping wasn't perfect, but a hot glue gun fixed them all right up.