Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kindergarten Self-Portraits

I love doing self-portraits with Kindergarten! We started by drawing a large oval for the head, and then drawing a neck and shoulders. I helped them use black crayon to draw the eyes, nose, face, and mouth. We didn't start painting the first day, so I had to explain to them why they were leaving while all the portraits were bald!
The second day, we chose a skin color, hair color, and shirt color and carefully painted those things in. I loved giving them the freedom to paint their hair themselves.
On the last day, students used crayon to color the background in, and then used oil pastels to decorate their backgrounds and design their shirts and accessories.

Artist: n/a
Elements: Line, Shape, Space
Concepts: Self-Portrait, Face Drawing.
Materials: White tag board, black crayon, tempera paint, crayons, oil pastels

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